10 things that made me smile this weekend

>> Sunday, June 26, 2011

1. That I have become spoiled by my husband's scratch-made bread to the point where I pass rather than have a slice of store-bought.

2. Playing baseball in the front yard with my three boys, even though I'm a crappy pitcher and my two year old freaked out and ran away with the bat every time his turn was through.

3. The fact that we are done with diapers. Oh yeah, baby. Not much cuter than tiny little spiderman undies on an itty bitty booty.

4. My husband. I told a friend the other day that I'm hard on myself as a mother, know I could always be doing more at work, but that I actually feel like I'm rockin' it in the marriage department these days and that feels really, really good.

5. Dropping by a friend's house to check out the remnants of her garage sale only to let the visit morph into a backyard catch-up while five boys ran around feeding chickens and eating watermelon and climbing treehouses and aiming wooden weaponry at each other. And leaving with a freshly laid egg and some tasty garlic scapes.

6. Garlic scapes and goat cheese in my scrambled eggs.

7. The guy rocking out hard while holding the "9.99 Car Wash" sandwich board outside Octopus Carwash. I love that guy, and he makes my day on a weekly basis.

8. Attending a baby shower with a bunch of strangers and realizing that I am so over defending my parenting choices. It feels really damn good to get to the place of not caring what other people think about how/where/when your baby sleeps/eats/etc.

9. Realizing, in the company of strangers at a friend's baby shower in the 'burbs, that I live in a very comfortable bubble and that I like it that way. I forget that many of my parenting/lifestyle choices are not exactly mainstream because where I live, in my little subculture in this city I love, they are. My eyes were opened to the criticisms and challenges that many (new) moms face about the way they raise and care for their babies - even just the assumptions that come up in casual conversation -- and I am grateful to be part of a supportive community.

10. Another short work-week ahead. Taking off Friday to celebrate my Middlest turning 5 (!!!) and a weekend of sunshine and fireworks.


BONUS #11. That feelings of inadequacy and half-assery, worry and anxiety, and general melancholy are usually fleeting. And that a change in attitude or perspective, coupled with the practice of selective memory can go a long way for a girl.

Enjoy your week, friends.


B.G. June 26, 2011 at 10:35 PM  

Awesome. Your list makes me smile, too. Thanks!

Marlena June 27, 2011 at 9:13 AM  

Sounds like a great weekend:) We are back from Chicago, where we witnessed another version of parenting, and made me realize that yes, we do live in a bubble, but it's the friend-padding that makes it so comfy.

Lindsey June 27, 2011 at 9:18 AM  

Bravo, lady. (a) rocking it in the marriage department is fabulous and in my view might be the root from which the rest of it springs and (b) I live in a bubble too and like it that way and (c) that dreamboat husband BAKES BREAD?
W.O.W. Impressed!!!

Adventures In Babywearing June 27, 2011 at 9:18 AM  

I was somewhere the other day, my memory fails, and I kept my mouth and mind shut in a parenting conversation. What I did and why- I realized- is NUNYA business and I hate that I let it be other people's business way back when. Oh how we mature. :)


Elizabeth @claritychaos June 27, 2011 at 9:37 AM  

@Lindsey, yes he bakes! Once he quit his job to stay home with the kids, he went all Renaissance-man on me and started trying new things. He said - no more $4 loaves of organic natural bread from the Co-op! And for the last 2 months he has been baking 3 loaves of bread a week. I'm a lucky girl.

Hyacynth June 27, 2011 at 10:13 AM  

I am SO with you on number eight. It's a great place to be.

Tessa June 28, 2011 at 10:15 AM  

Smiling at your list all the way over here in Zimbabwe. Those things make me smile too. Yay! for the simple pleasures in life (and to being solid in who we are and being supported for it!)

krista July 4, 2011 at 12:07 PM  

i'm hoping i can stick to my guns with this new baby and everyone's opinions on how i'm raising my kids. although my actual friends are pretty damn amazing and aren't all judgy. but oh, how mothers treat each other.
dude. i'm totally ruining the vibe of your list.
smiles! i love smiles!

swonderful July 6, 2011 at 8:24 PM  

hi. i am so behind. i blogged three times in june. but jumping back in to say hi, and yes. it does feel good to not care about what people think of your parenting choices. i think when i was starting out, even though i knew how i felt i still felt that other more "experienced" moms could possibly prove me wrong because i was really just going by my gut. now i know better than that, thank goodness. garlic and goat cheese. yummm.

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